Retreats in Sardinia

The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is loved for its emerald waters and dreamy pristine white beaches. The natural landscape is breathtaking and an example of raw beauty. The Sardinian retreats that we’ve reviewed and recommend are off the north coast – on the beautiful rugged islands of Maddalena and Caprera. Stay in unspoilt countryside, five minutes from the beach, where there’s a sustainable organic farm. Have yourself a back-to-nature experience and explore uninhabited Caprera and its rocky landscape, pine forest and secluded coves. Think hidden beaches and remote trails – and a feeling of complete disconnection from your everyday life. Relax while you can – the schedule at one of our retreats in Sardinia is known for its sun, sand, sea and sweat! You may start and end your day with sunrise and sunset meditation, but the rest of the programme is jam-packed with outdoor fitness fun that uses the natural rugged landscape. Activities include guided hikes, trail running, mountain biking, sea swimming, functional beach circuits and yoga. Take a boat trip and explore the unspoilt archipelago of Maddelena, one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. After your day in the elements, you can find a quiet spot to relax and read. And breathe.

Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats, Sardinia

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Intensive fitness retreat in Maddalena Archipelago National Park

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