Retreats in Zimbabwe

Landlocked in southern Africa, Zimbabwe is best known for one of the natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls. But this country also has some sublime retreats which blend ancient health practices with memorable sight-seeing. Imagine spending your mornings learning about and practising Lu Jong, Tibetan healing yoga, meditation or Indian head massage, then heading off in the afternoons on a game drive to see elephants and hippos. You might go tiger fishing or birdwatching, or on a thrilling boat ride. Maybe you’d prefer an energy balancing deep tissue massage or some quiet time by the pool? The retreats in Zimbabwe that we’ve reviewed and recommend will live in your heart long after your holiday is over. Divide your time between a private home in the heart of the African bush, boasting majestic panoramic views across the Zambezi river, and a stunning luxurious hall set in twelve acres of Msasa forest. Enjoy being away from technology as you savour the quiet and digitally detox. Appreciate the social warmth and bonhomie, wind down with breathtaking sunsets and absorb the healing properties of the Zimbabwe retreat environment. Your take-home toolkit is a Lu Jong routine and a host of unforgettable memories.

Mountain Beach Fitness Retreats

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Luxury fitness retreats in remote landscapes for happy bodies and minds

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Malabar Retreats, Zimbabwe

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Tibetan Healing Yoga and meditation with wildlife encounters and pampering in the lap of luxury

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