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Soulful writing retreats & residencies with a top coaching team

In a nutshell: Writing coach Sarah Bullen and author Kate Emmerson understand writers and the quiet magic sometimes needed to allow words to flow. They know, after decades of getting writers published on their mentorships and courses, that to write a story buried in your heart you need to remove yourself from ordinary life. All levels of writers – from novice to experienced – are welcome into this immersion into the world of story and creativity. They choose locations that are steeped in magic, with ancient stories that rise from the land and spill into life. A small, bohemian Greek village, birthplace of the muse Sappho, where Sarah lived for three years recovering from the loss of her husband, a 17th Century Tuscan tiny village that stole Kate’s younger heart, a restored Spanish house on the path of the Camino Del Santiago. They help craft your story with technical and structural help, and bring along storytellers or poets to inspire you to write words that make a mark.

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Caroline Sylger Jones is charmed by a 10 day creative writing residency with The Writing Room in the coastal village of Skala Eressos on Lesbos.

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