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Narrative reboots to help you articulate your personal or professional vision and plan for that reality

In a nutshell: Expert Narrative Strategist Julie Hosler runs powerful, far-reaching personal strategy retreats year-round in France and other pop-up locations such as Italy and the USA. Business leaders and creative visionaries of all kinds work with Julie to recalibrate their personal or professional narratives – to start a fresh chapter, make a big decision, find a way through obstacles, tap into a more inspired place or show up powerfully, whatever it takes to make it great. For those unable to travel, there is a virtual retreat option, so you can experience an expertly guided retreat from wherever you are, when you need it most. Like now.

Best for: The smart and ambitious who have an inherent desire to create optimal outcomes for their lives, careers or businesses.

Not for: Those who are recovering from psychological trauma.

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What’s Queenly?

The private retreats (virtual and in person) bring 100% attention and focus to your specific situation and goals in a very hands-on and practical way so that each participant has an actionable roadmap when the retreat concludes. Julie is a witty, warm guide who has a way of identifying the unique needs of her guests and reflecting them in her curated content.

What’s Lowly?

Julie’s schedule fills up quickly, so you may not get the exact dates you want. But Julie does her best to find scheduling solutions that work for everyone. For those who are seeking deep insights and transformative change, there may be the need to deal with uncomfortable topics, yet Julie navigates these topics with radical empathy.

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Caroline Sylger Jones experienced a glorious group personal strategy retreat with The Strategic Space at an elegant chateau in Burgundy and got crystal clear direction for her year ahead – read her personal journey or her full report.

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No matter the location, Julie partners with some of the best chefs from the various regions so that you are cared for and your senses are fully activated. For example: The Bourgogne food prepared by chef Ollie Timberlake’s culinary wizardry remind you that you are in one of the best culinary regions in the world. It’s simply fantastic fare – fresh, local, extravagant and filled with flavour, mainly vegetarian, but with optional meat options per your individual preference. Wine is offered with dinner, though non-alcoholic alternatives are always encouraged to leave you clear and well rested. Although the food is definitely on the healthier side, this isn’t a place to physically detox – your mind is doing that instead.


Virtual Retreats from wherever you are located are encouraged to limit the affects of travel and global warming. Julie will guide you to set up your own retreat environment, either at home or a getaway spot closer to you, that reflects the environment of her all-inclusive retreats. For those who choose to travel to France, the priority is to locally source materials and ingredients like cheese, honey, vegetables, meat, and wine. Chef Ollie is militant about composting food waste, and recycling is taken seriously. Meals are delivered daily in reusable glass containers. In Italy, the ingredients are sourced from on-site organic gardens and orchards, and the private lagoon’s eco-friendly fish farm. Plastic is discouraged, so fresh juices and detox waters are delivered in large glass carafes. Julie contributes by offering a pro bono spot of strategy service to women who have a bigger vision for their life, but do not have the financial means for personal development work.

Virtual Journeys

Virtual Narrative Strategy

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Price: On application

Experience: Life coaching, Transformation

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Structured virtual retreats and private 1:1 strategy sessions online with Julie Hosler to help you shift your perspective.

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Marie B.
How many stars would you give this retreat? :

I had originally wanted to spend the week retreating with Julie in the Burgundy countryside, but when the confinement happened, I chose to do it virtually instead. We met every other day over the course of a week. I ended up taking the week off from work and did it from my home. 

I am so happy that I did not postpone because this was one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. I only wish this had existed 15 years ago! 

I went into this retreat feeling stuck and yearning for a change, albeit successful as a corporate executive. I probably could have gone on like this for many more years.  Yet what I discovered is that there was a bigger vision for the work that I want to be doing. I don’t know how she did it exactly, but Julie expertly connected all of the dots that led to a natural deviation from this current path and onto a different one that lights me up . My retreat may have ended months ago, yet things are now as exciting as ever as I take steps towards realizing this new path. We created a roadmap for the next six months, as I begin making this shift. If you are looking to make a change and can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is, then you should retreat with Julie.