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Seasonally-inspired freediving and yoga retreats in Egypt and Europe

In a nutshell: British kundalini yoga teacher and four-times freediving former world record-holder Sara Campbell, and meditation teacher Jean Philippe, combine their passion for yoga, nature and holistic living in Egypt and at various venues in Europe in a range of group retreats on set dates. Choose from a host of varied freediving, yoga and transformational retreats held at Dahab between April and November, or one-off seasonal holistic retreats at the Ermitage de Pourville, a 19th century residence on the Normandy coast where there is swimming with options to surf and kitesurf in the summer. Virtual Journeys available.

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Niki Natarajan reviews Discover Your Depths’ Sea Inside retreat in Dahab, Egypt where with the discipline of learning to freedive and surrendering to Kundalini mantras at sunset with inspirational freediver and yoga teacher Sara Campbell she reconnects to her teacher within.

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By: Discover Your Depths Retreats

Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Price: By Donation

Experience: Meditation, Yoga, Emotional healing

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Join freediver and pranayama expert Sara Campbell for twice-weekly practice sessions to find inner balance and ease.

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