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Transformative life coaching adventures around the world

In a nutshell: Advivum Journeys combines the benefits of an adventure holiday, retreat structure and professional development course on set dates in carefully selected locations around the world including on Molokai, Hawaii, in Kent, England, and has many more locations planned. Life coach Tania Carrière’s transformational journeys start months before arriving at the retreat location with pre-retreat workbooks and one on one coaching, and on each retreat you’ll usually find movement, a creative element, group life coaching, local adventures and delicious food.

Best for: Seekers looking for a transformational experience on their quest to create a life that inspires and fulfills

Not for: Those seeking lots of alone time, in an unstructured environment

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What’s Queenly?

Your creative journey is hosted in exclusive and hidden locations that will inspire your inner transformation and your wanderlust. Each sabbatical is obsessively designed down to the last detail, and each agenda uniquely shaped for each participant's quest, ensuring that you leave feeling both joyful and transformed. Qualifying interviews ensure group cohesiveness, while pre-retreat workbooks and coaching enable you to get the most of your time with Tania and her experienced coaching team.

What’s Lowly?

While milestone birthdays, a personal rebrand or defining what living your best life can be a lot of fun, they are also times for deeply considered inquiry with your self, and on these journeys a lot of that work is done in a group, so they may not be for those more private solo thinkers or don't want to experience the discomfort it can sometimes take to step into something "more".

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Caroline Sylger Jones attended a Radical Sabbatical life coaching retreat in Kent. Read her full report and her personal journey. Niki Natarajan experienced a Re-Imagined Self retreat with Advivum Journeys on Molokai in Hawaii. Read her full report and personal journey.

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Food is an intentional part of an Advivum Journey transformation process, and each menu is designed to enhance the experience of the particular location and journey you are on. The company is committed to supporting small local farms, and build relationships with providers to create community. Menus are designed by in-house chefs, are plant-focused, and feature local specialities. Meals are well balanced, healthy, and eaten communally three times a day. The snack counter is always open, and wine is available. An Advivum Journey chef accompanies each retreat, and helps create your experience.


Advivum Journeys source all their food locally, directly from local shops/farms where possible, in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Their kitchens follow a zero waste policy, and participants are provided with reusable thermoses and coffee mugs, while plastic water bottles are not provided and are discouraged. All staff (including the butler and the cook) are considered a part of the facilitation team and are fully engaged in the process planning and execution. Advivum Journeys also provides one scholarship position, available upon application, to each retreat, to make them available to those of modest income. Virtual retreats are made accessible to all income levels in order to encourage community and accessibility.

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