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Liz Lark review
Warm & lively yoga holidays

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In Short:

Liz LarkThe Quick Read: Liz Lark is a warm, kind and lively yoga teacher with a vast knowledge of yogic teachings which she imparts with lightness and simplicity in creative and flowing sessions. She calls her yoga style ‘structural vinyasa’, because it focuses on safe alignment inside a flowing sequence.

Liz teaches in the UK and runs fun and relaxing yoga holidays and yoga weekends throughout the world in Kent, Sussex, Ibiza, Spain and Mexico – often with her friend and colleague Jean Hall. She has taught actors Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman, and is the author of seven yoga books and a practice DVD Yogalibre.

Our experience: Sasha Bates has enjoyed two yoga holidays with Liz – a week at Shanti Som in Spain, where Liz taught alone, and a weekend in Kent, which Liz ran with Jean Hall. Here’s what she found:

‘I would happily follow Liz around the world taking part in all of her holidays , as I always come home more contemplative, relaxed and feeling much better about myself. She’s warm, kind and approachable, but also has an extensive knowledge of yogic philosophy, mantra, mudra, bandha and all the subtler aspects of the practice which she weaves lightly into an asana practice so you absorb them without realizing quite how much you are learning.  Liz is also an artist, and I particularly enjoyed her creative approach to everything – it shone through in her flowing choreography, her visualizations and her use of whatever she could find in the vicinity (nature, views, candlelight) to illustrate her point. At Shanti Som I also experienced a Trager session from Liz’s husband Pete Roberts which was something new for me and had incredible results. It frees up unconscious holding patterns and helped me move much more easily. Pete goes on many of Liz’s retreats and a session with him complements the yoga brilliantly’.

Yoga teacher Liz Lark with her husband, therapist Pete Roberts

More on Liz Lark’s yoga holidays: Liz’s holidays offer plenty of free time for fun and relaxation, but with classes that will deepen your practice both physically and spiritually. Her asana sequences are creatively choreographed to challenge the body, but the gentle build up, and her regular offer of variations to a pose, mean her holidays are equally satisfying for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Meditation and mantra are important elements, and candles, flowers, incense and even her own artwork are used to help you look inward. Her venues tend to be rural and calming, and her husband Pete Roberts, an experienced therapist, is usually on hand to offer massage and Trager treatments. There is a two hour morning and a two hour evening class each day. Her classes are usually themed, often around the elements (such as water) or the chakras (such as the heart). The morning class is flowing and energizing, while the evening class puts greater emphasis on restorative postures, yoga nidra and meditation. When Liz runs holidays with Jean Hall, there tend to be three classes a day and a choice of either beginners or advanced classes which run simultaneously.

Liz Lark’s training: Liz has taught since 1995. She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga in 1994, and her teaching and practice is rooted in Astanga Vinyasa, though she is increasingly drawn to the subtle teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga (visualisation, yoga nidra) and other arts to inspire and liberate the spirit. She has also trained with renowned international teachers such as Rod Stryker and Richard Freeman, and is now a YogaCampus teacher trainer herself.

Liz Lark’s yoga classes: Liz teaches classes and workshops in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and in London at the Life Centre.

 What’s queenly: You will work hard and learn a lot with Liz, yet still come away feeling as though you have done nothing but relax.

What’s lowly: Liz packs a huge amount into each class. A slightly slower pace might allow time for all her pearls of wisdom to be absorbed a little more deeply.

Reviewed by Sasha Bates

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