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Retreats to help you relax

Huzur Vadisi hammockIn need of some wellbeing with your holiday, but still want to travel and set your own agenda? Here you’ll find our reviews of all sorts of retreats to help you.

For full-on indulgence or a quiet retreat, we’ve reviewed a clutch of relaxing hotels around the world, the best of which will ease your face, body and mind into chilled-out oblivion, from spa hotels and spa resorts to more humble hotels with a simple treatment room, in-room massage or just a quiet vibe away from the throng.

For something more affordable check out our reviews of relaxing B&Bs were up can stay for just a few nights to regroup alone or with friends – somewhere that does decent healthy breakfasts and offers access to treatments or other wellbeing facilities.

Or you might be looking for the flexibility of relaxing self-catering retreats, places that offer treatments or other wellbeing activities but where you can set your own agenda amidst beautiful, uplifting surroundings.

If you want to explore on a fully immersive holiday, read our reviews of adventurous healthy holidays that mix travel or culture or remote locations with wellbeing.

If you want to go somewhere to totally switch off away from everything and have a more fully immersive healthy or pampering experience, read our reviews of spa retreats and holistic hideaways in our health and wellness retreat section.

The outdoor hot tub at Vigilius in Italy, one of our favourite spa hotels

The outdoor hot tub at Vigilius in Italy, one of our favourite spa hotels

A relaxing wellbeing holiday gives you an opportunity to take a break from your everyday life, to change the script and press reset. You might not want to go to a full-on healing retreat or health spa – but you certainly want something more than just a spot of sunshine. We’re all different, with different needs, which is why we’ve reviewed such a wide range of places that help you enjoy the lighter side of retreating.

Whatever you choose – you’ll find it a whole lot more rejuvenating than just a blast of heat and a mojito.

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