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The Wellness Home review
A Chiswick bed and breakfast with a breath of fresh air

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The Wellness Home a London B&B in Chiswick

The cosy lounge of Chiswick’s Wellness Home bed and breakfast

The quick read: A calm, comfortable, eco-friendly, vegetarian B&B in a red bricked Edwardian home in London run by a couple who care about your health. There’s an outside space to use on sunny days, and the house is on a surprisingly quiet residential street – to keep the noise levels down, no young children are allowed.

Queen of Retreats logoHow was it for us: What a breath of fresh air! I felt very safe and comfortable here, and Valerie, an open and friendly Yorkshire woman, was excellent company. I loved the fact that I was asked to take my shoes off as I came in, that the house was warm, and the air filtered – Valerie was drawn to a healthier way of living after surviving breast cancer and each of the three rooms has a water filter and an air filter from Japanese company Nikken. What better place to lay your head in the city than somewhere that detoxes the pollution from your system as you sleep?

This isn’t a ‘boutique’ or ‘sassy’ place to stay – quite deliberately – which I liked too. In my room (the top studio), I had some oil paintings, simple, good quality wooden furniture and a lovely decked balcony with herbs and flowers in pots and views across the rooftops and shelves with a mix of interesting body and soul books and novels.

For London, it was surprisingly peaceful at night, and I slept well throughout my stay. I especially loved breakfast each morning, served on a Mediterranean-style table cloth with yellow checked napkins, good quality silverware and Orla Keily mugs. It was a little light on protein for me, but Valerie cooked some boiled eggs happily on request.

Wellness Home bedroom

Featuring the Nikken ‘sleep system’

More on the food and drink: Breakfasts are vegetarian and served in the large kitchen, which has lots of natural light and a cosy fireplace with a buddha and vases of flowers. There’s homemade bircher muesli, masses of fresh fruit, lots of different breads (Irish wheaten, spelt with raison, a very tasty rye with coriander), croissants, cheeses (including goat and sheep cheeses all from the local M&S), various flavours of Rachel and Yeo Valley yoghurts.

More on the rooms: There are three serene and simply-painted rooms with wooden floors and rugs – one twin, one double and a spacious room at the top of the house that sleeps three. All have good quality, wooden furniture and linens and have been decked out with eco-friendly paints and materials – in one room, the rugs are cleverly made of paper.

You can expect Faith in Nature toiletries, organic Pukkha and Tea Pig teas, white robes and slippers from the White Company, plus bins for recycling.

Each room has a Nikken ‘sleep system’ too, consisting of firm but comfortable mattresses and pillows with magnets in them that are supposed to help balance the body as you sleep. There are Macs with wireless access in each room, but deliberately no TVs – if you want to chill out over a film or a programme, there’s a large screen TV in the welcoming, relaxed sitting room.

Enjoy a hearty, healthy breakfast

crown What’s queenly: We often find bircher muesli dull and a little cloying, but Valerie’s was light and tasty. Here’s the recipe: Soak oats overnight with pumpkin & sunflower seeds (they add a natural milk), soak goji berries & sultanas & raisins overnight in separate bowl (they add a natural sweetness). In the morning, add some grated apple and a squeeze lemon juice and serve. Simple!

What’s lowly: Some might find the Nikkon pillows a little on the hard side – but there are ‘normal’ pillows you can use instead.

Prices: Rooms start at £85 per night for single occupancy.


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Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones.

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