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Retreats to help you grow

cmon-inner-peaceFeeling a little jaded with life and after a change? If you’re into travelling, you’ll want to read our reviews of healthy adventure holidays that offer you a taste of something different, from a 10 day trek in Peru with a spa break in the middle of it to a yoga holiday in the deserts of Mongolia.

You might also want to check out our reviews of creative holidays, from cooking holidays to places that offer art, photography and creative writing classes.

If it’s life-planning or career coaching you’re in need of, check out our reviews of life coaching retreats and holidays, the best of which help you move through issues with relationships, lifestyles or work.

If you are you at a crossroads in life and feeling confused about which way to go, take a look at our reviews of personal growth retreats, which can help you work through the hard stuff that life throws at you and turn it into something positive.

The Pause life coaching retreats

The intriguing Pause jar on Danielle Marchant’s life coaching retreats

You might also want to read our reviews of meditation retreats, for meditation can be a massively powerful tool to help us connect with the world and ourselves on a deeper level and facilitate change.

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