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Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat review | detox retreats, Lincolnshire, UK

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Juice fast & mental reboot in the Lincolnshire wolds

The Quick Read: Platinum Healing host a number of different retreats on rolling set dates in Sussex and Lincolnshire which all centre around a juice detox programme. We tried the Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat in the gently undulating Lincolnshire wolds, which combines juice-fasting with yoga and a plethora of treatments offering psychological and emotional support. The converted barns are surrounded by rolling fields and wide skies, perfect for spectacular sunrises, sunsets, and windy walks.  A formidable team of women practitioners juggle yoga, hypnotherapy, herbalism, EFT, massage, NLP and reflexology among them, to cater to every whim. Days are divided by colourful juices, and a broth in the evening, but there is plenty of time to relax, breathe, look hunger in the eye and heal. Retreats are date-specific, so check ahead.

Budget: ££

Platinum Healing detox yoga retreat

The luxury bedroom has a roll top bathtub

Who it’s best for: Health conscious individuals who want to clear the system, take space to reflect on what’s really important, and deepen their yoga practice, or those wishing to drop bad habits and find renewed discipline.

What you can do: The Platinum Healing yoga detox retreat starts on a Monday at 4pm. Toxins are sloughed away with lymphatic skin brushing and tongue scraping before early morning yoga at 7am. Susie teaches Vinyasa flow yoga, with waking stretches and an accessible sequence, while the 6pm class with Daisy is more restorative with breathing exercises, chanting and a blissfully deep Savasana it is hard to return from. Yogis who want to deepen their practice may book a private yoga class, as the pace is mostly gentle due to the intense nature of the detox. Juices are served in the main barn area at 9am, with an Aloe vera shot and a mug of warm apple cider vinegar, lemon and water, that alkalises the body once it has struggled through the mouth. Attention is diverted from the lack of coffee and croissants by a breakfast talk on topics like Liver Detoxifcation and Candida, familiar to some, revelatory for others.

The rest of the day is free for you to embrace the stillness and emptiness, or splash about in the indoor pool or outdoor hot tub; the sauna smells divine. Welcome juices are served at 1pm and 5pm, coupled with unwelcome shots of milk thistle and wheatgrass, while an optional jug for a self-administered colonic is provided at 11am each day if requested; these are not as hard, nor as traumatic, as they sound and include a liver flush and a garlic brew, which seems to remove anything that might have been lurking around since Christmas.

Platinum Healing Juice 3

You’ll drink cleansing, alkalising juices

Treatments with the onsite therapists take place in two rooms with a view up the hill, using Active Organic Energised Skincare (AOES) products. Massages include: Hot Stones, Deep Tissue Indian head, Thai Yoga, Swedish, or Abdominal Detox, while other bodily treatments available are: Reflexology; Acupuncture; Reiki, Hopi Ear Candling, Signature Facial, Manicure, Pedicure or tailored Meditation and Yoga Tuition. Unlike most retreats Platinum Healing also focus on emotional and psychological wellbeing for those really keen to make a shift during their stay. Choose from Hypnotherapy, Inner child healing, Life-coaching, Counselling, Naturopathy/ Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Personal Development Coaching.

The day is closed with a thin broth and fulfilling documentary such as Happy, or The Shift to ensure everyone slippers off to bed with renewed resolve and a sense of space in which everything might be possible.

Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat

Simple bedrooms enhance peace of mind

Where you stay: Maris Barn consists of an eco-friendly converted barn and stables, located in the Lincolnshire wolds about 20 minutes from Market Rasen. The countryside is beautiful, and gently rolling, with incredible trees, silhouetted against stunning skies when we went in January. There is a crucial feel of remoteness, which whips up a sense of it being an epic adventure, and tightens the fortress of solitude, that belongs on a retreat, around you; reception and wi-fi are fairly inconsistent but this evolves to be a blessing. The main barn includes a sitting-area, with television for night-time movies and a Pukka hot-spot for tea, a dining table and kitchen. The pool area has seats if you want to fug up, though mind the eau de chlorine, and hosts the yoga on the far side. The decor is modern rustic, with the odd splash of turquoise paint and wooden wheel, and a lively wind rattling the windows. Bedrooms are fresh and simple to enhance peace of mind, with double bed or king-size for single occupancy, small desk for writing, and a compact bathroom with shower. There is a quad room upstairs for sharing, and a cottage opposite for solitude; ear plugs required for the former, jumpers for the latter. For a luxury option there is a Superior Deluxe room with a four poster king size bed and roll top bathtub in the bedroom.

Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat

Reviewer Connie Allfrey in the kitchen

How was it for us: I went on a run most mornings after yoga, as it felt important to get out and was curiously easy once going, without being encumbered by food or stress. I witnessed some epic sunrises, Nature was real and vibrating through my clear and keen lens. I made myself run a bit further to an oak at one point, convinced there would be a view from its vantage point; there was not, but I caught the first line to a poem there instead. This retreat gave me a rare window of space, inner and outer, to work with, and I found myself inspired to write, but also to make changes in my life as areas that needed addressing rose to the surface during the detox. I became increasingly aware of negative thought patterns and more in control of my wayward mind as thoughts began to settle like mud in water.

What we took home: I have been feeling wonderful since the retreat – positive, spacious, inspired. Although I lost a few pounds, and my skin was shining like a linseed when I left, the profound psychological impact of the detox was what took me by surprise. The message that really permeated from the week, although I have heard it a thousand times before, was to surrender to the earth’s greater intelligence and go with the flow, to trust.

Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat

Sunrise view on Connie’s morning run

Would we go back: Yes, if I was in need of a re-set. Juice fasting is hard, but the structure here made it possible and I enjoyed feeling I was doing myself a great service.

People watch: Retreat manager Daisy’s easy organisation, insightful talks and relaxed way of being gave the week a personal touch.

Food watch: Organic juices are 80% vegetable to 20% fruit, to keep sugar to a minimum, and are whipped up by a beatific Steph; they can taste disappointingly like a liquid salad with lettuce, fennel, cucumber, apple and lime, but might also be colourfully robust and tasty with beetroot, carrot, ginger, apple and lemon.  A spoonful of psyllium husks tries to create fullness, but a raw food snack pack is available in the afternoon for those really climbing the walls. Comforting, if thin, vegetable broth is served at 7pm, and can be spiced up with cayenne and lemon. The lack of fibre gives the body an opportunity to stop digesting and focus on detoxing and regenerating, and indeed it is amazing what the mind turns to when the distraction of food has been removed; even meditation is much easier, as if the inner space resonates with the stillness. The fast is broken with a salad on day 3, that looks, and is heralded, like a rare rainbow.

crownWhat’s queenly: Renewed appreciation for the little things and a curbing of desire. A smoothie of avocado, blueberries, spinach and coconut water on the last morning tastes like the elixir of life on newly honed tastebuds, especially if you forsook the salad to continue fasting an extra night – when in Rome…..

Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat

Our relaxed hosts at the retreat

What’s lowly: Having to block out a whole week for only three actual days detox, as it starts Monday at 4pm, and finishes Friday 10am. Make sure you prepare for the detox (rather than nailing a bag of Maltesers in the taxi….), and continue it for a few days after to ensure maximum benefit.

Insider tip: Body temperature plummets during detoxification so warm clothes are a must – layers, bed socks, scarves, hot water bottle for that extra boost. That said it is imperative to get outside to avoid cabin fever; fresh air tastes extraordinarily good with everything else eliminated.

Price per person with a companion: From £549 for the quad room or £649 for twin sharing for 4 nights, including accommodation, all juices and food, talks, yoga, tongue scraper and dry skin brush.

Price per person going solo: £899 for private room with ensuite bathroom with shower, including accommodation, all juices and food, talks, yoga, tongue scraper, dry skin brush, and a 25 minute complimentary neck and shoulder massage.

Value for Money: The cost of this retreat is pretty steep, if the full range of treatments available is properly explored – even the daily colonics are an additional £59.99. But value can be found if the density of information and attention from the myriad staff are harnessed to make real health and wellbeing shifts moving forwards.

Sister retreats: Platinum Healing run a range of wellbeing retreats on rolling dates in both Sussex and Lincolnshire which all have a comprehensive juice detox programme at their heart. We have also tried an Inner Child Healing Retreat in Sussex. Other retreats include: Self Healing Retreat; Weight Loss and Fitness Retreat; Stop Smoking Retreat; Fertility Retreat; Menopause Retreat; Men’s Health Retreat; Couples Retreat; Bridal Detox Retreat.

Reviewed by Connie Allfrey

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Platinum Healing Yoga Detox retreat

Platinum Healing host retreats in Sussex & Lincolnshire which all centre around a juice detox programme