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Meet contributor Sasha Bates

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In Short:

Sasha Bates is a freelance writer specialising in travel, design, spas, and yoga. She has been writing for the Sunday Telegraph for 7 years and was one of Queen of Retreats’ first contributors.

Sasha is delighted to be able to seek out and spread the word about the best – and worst – spaces, places and yoga teachers out there. And she likes to think she knows a little of what she is talking about after 20 years of yoga practice and 7 years as a teacher. At her own studio in West London – Cat on a Mat Yoga – her classes focus on listening to and respecting the body, gently challenging students to progress in safety and at their own pace. Her classes are influenced by Vanda Scaravelli, and she has a particular interest in yoga for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Sasha is also a psychotherapist and believes that yoga and therapy are two sides of the same coin, concerned as they both are with awareness, self-knowledge and self-compassion. And an important part of that self care is to know how to relax, so she practices what she preaches, spending as much time as she can on retreats and in spas and places of healing. She loves wild, rustic spaces with a ‘back to nature’ feel, but is not averse to a bit of luxury and pampering from time to time either.

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