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Meet film-maker Jo Sinnott

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Queen of Retreats contributor Jo SinnottJo Sinnott is a TV reporter, producer, journalist and Queen Of Retreat’s resident film-maker. Jo presented and produced the alternative health series ‘Soul Seeker‘ for Travel Channel International, and in her quest to find some of the best and most authentic retreats out there, she has travelled to India to practice yoga on the banks of the Ganges, to China to learn Tai Chi, to California to hang out with the yoga dudes, and to Skyros in Greece where she bared her soul on a Music and Creativity course.

Jo is a keen believer that to stay young at heart, you must continue to do things that challenge you. That doesn’t mean putting yourself in danger, but it does mean putting yourself on the line (either physically or emotionally), learning new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, and being brave now and again. As an ex dancer and personal trainer, she appreciates the important of physical health and well-being. After the sweat and sheer hard work of her dancing career, she is now learning that a calmer, and more measured approach to wellbeing can be equally as rewarding.

Jo runs her own TV production company called RoadDog specialising in Travel Programming. She is also a wife and mother, and thinks her next retreat really should be a circus skills and clowning course – to help her juggle better!

Find out more about Jo and her film-making.


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