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Meet contributor Jane Dunford

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Queen of Retreats contributor Jane DunfordTravel editor of The Guardian, Jane Dunford is also a freelance editor and writer specialising in travel and lifestyle. She’s contributing editor for British Airways’ High Life magazine and writes for a wide range of newspapers and websites. Her passion for travel – particularly to wild places, off-the-beaten track destinations and retreats – is matched by an ever-growing interest in wellbeing and holistic health.

A long love of yoga led her to study to teach and she has qualified as a Yin and Yang yoga teacher with Simon Low, one of the UK’s top teachers and founder of London’s Triyoga studio. An advocate of mindfulness and meditation, Jane has also completed a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat and an eight-week course in Mindfulness for Stress Reduction.

But life’s all about balance… and bright city lights and urban fun haven’t lost their allure – so when not travelling Jane divides her time between London and Hove, combining the buzz of the city and the calm of the sea.