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Meet contributor Jane Alexander

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In Short:

Ambassador Jane AlexanderJane Alexander is a freelance author and journalist who specialises in writing about integrated health, wellbeing and spirituality. She has written for most of the UK national newspapers over her 25 year career including The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times, The Express and The Mirror, and is a treasured contributor to Queen of Retreats.

Jane has been a contributing expert for many health publications (Top Sante, Natural Health, Healthy, Health & Fitness etc); she road-tested pretty well every therapy going for her weekly Self column in the Daily Mail and discovered a penchant for extreme bodywork and an abiding dislike for colonic hydrotherapy. She is also the author of over twenty books in the wellbeing field, including the bestselling Spirit of the HomeThe Five Minute HealerWellbeing & Mindfulness and The Natural Year, many of which are now available in e-format for Kindle and available from her Amazon author page.

Jane grew up in a family which was fascinated by the arcane.  She learned tarot and yoga from the age of seven (mainly because her brother delighted in seeing how far she would bend) and went on to study Kabbalah, herbalism, homeopathy and flower remedies from her teens.  She has also trained in past life therapy, shamanism and SHEN. Yet she has a very pragmatic approach to health and wellbeing.  ‘We live in a busy, crazy world – who has the time to devote their lives to perfection?  Even small changes, tiny shifts, can make a  huge difference. Do what you can and dump the guilt.’

She is a spa and retreat addict and really loves spas and retreats with integrity that take a holistic approach to wellbeing.  She is allergic to spa ‘journeys’ and twitches at group hugs. Jane is a social media maven – follow her on Twitter as @exmoorjane, find her on Facebook and Pinterest or check out