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Meet contributor Hannah MacInnes

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Hannah MacInnesHannah MacInnes is normally the Planning Editor at BBC Newsnight but after six years she felt it was time for a change and is currently on a sabbatical.

She’s using the time off to widen her journalistic horizons – filming and organizing Salvaged Suppers made from surplus food in a campaign against waste, filming a music festival to celebrate a post Ebola Sierra Leone, working as a reporter at Hay Literary Festival and of course writing for the Queen of Retreats.

Hannah loves exercise and the great outdoors. She’s a very keen runner, cycles everywhere, enjoys yoga and adores plunging into the coldest freshest water she can find in the name of ‘Wild Swimming’. Whether a frozen Serpentine, waterfalls in Scotland or rivers in Wales , she swears it is the most energizing and magical thing for the body.

She finds relaxation and peace in the small and simple pleasures: candles, flowers, endless cups of green tea, nature, music and cooking/baking. She is passionate about good coffee and is always off in search of independent cafes where she can while away the hours over a flat white and a flap jack or banana bread. She LOVES good wholesome well sourced food – especially all things breakfast and brunch. You can find her on Instagram at Hannahmac_1.