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Meet contributor Connie Allfrey

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Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort Sri LankaConnie Allfrey is a psychotherapist and freelance journalist, both of which involve gathering up the stories people trawl behind them like a train. She has written for the Evening Standard, You Magazine, iD, Tatler and Condé Nast Traveller, and finds psychotherapy feeds her own creative writing too, inviting her to scratch a bit deeper beneath the surface. (She’s just finished her first novel, Stop Making Sense, in which she ended up writing ‘her truth’).

Connie loves to travel to wake up her senses and get inspired. She is happy at both ends of the comfort spectrum, as roughing it in guesthouses or hostels for a more on-the-ground feel helps her appreciate the bliss of luxuriating in a spa all the more. Her favourite treatments are strenuous massages, with hot stones or feet, that force you to the pain point where you can only surrender, and she’s quite partial to reflexology, for a miraculous unwind from the feet up. She finds anything too wishy-washy, or painting nails, painstaking.

To wind down Connie loves to meditate in the corner of her garret, especially on a full moon when she can’t sleep anyway, or to seek the stillness in Nature’s wild and and be reminded of the interconnectedness of all things, which is sometimes easy to forget the city’s bustle.  She lives in West London, where Jivamukti Yoga on Kensal Road is her church – one of Cat’s classes there with strenuous yoga, chanting and meditation leaves her feeling snapped into life like a glow-stick.

Connie also loves pink Prosecco, Coffee Plant coffee (before midday), reading great men like Hesse and listening to great men like Alan Watts. But she’s most truly content swimming far out to sea and not so much returning, which can be challenging.