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Meet contributor Christabelle Dilks

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Queen of Retreats journalist Christabelle DilksChristabelle Dilks was once an actor, then a director, then someone who worked too hard in television before deciding it was time to relax. On a quest to find the perfect spot, she wrote the definitive guides on Argentina and Patagonia for Footprint, travelling tracks beaten and unbeaten across the whole bottom third of South America to every spectacular and tiny nature reserve, sleeping on beds both sumptuous and spongy, scooping up tedious petroleum museums and high altitude wineries in her path. Thorough research led her to the finest estancias in Argentina and Chile, which she later reviewed for She searched out more chic corners to unwind in Costa Rica and Sweden for i-escape, reviewed spas for Tatler, and wrote about her adventures for Wanderlust, the Guardian and the Independent before finally grinding to a halt in north Norfolk.

A dedicated Iyengar yoga practitioner for 20 years, she now lives in tranquil countryside not far from the sea with a husband, an athletic young son and a super- relaxed cat. She feels her home is the perfect retreat, but that probably won’t stop her searching for more.