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KU Retreats, Ibiza

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Ku Retreats macrobiotic fitness holistic health Ibiza

The pool at Can Pino, Ku Retreats’ affordable venue

KU Retreats is a year-old company which runs 7 day group retreats for those who feel they need a change in their lives but don’t quite know where to start. Designed to help you reflect, heal and re-energise, the week combines yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, oriental health diagnosis, fitness and body treatments, all underpinned by a macrobiotic diet and nutritional advice. The combination of therapies and activities will help you unravel any conditions or imbalances in your physical, mental and emotional levels and give you the opportunity to heal them.

Ku Retreats - Ca Na Xica hotel venue

A room terrace at Ca Na Xica hotel, Ku Retreats’ more luxurious venue

We tried a week with Ku Retreats and had an authentic, absorbing experience – read A Word from the King on his stay at Ku’s affordable venue, Can Pino, a rustic mountaintop villa that overlooks a lovely valley and has an outdoor swimming pool. For a more luxurious experience, you can also opt for Ku Retreat programmes at Ca Na Xica, a boutique hotel with a rather splendid pool, a little spa and serenely decorated bedrooms.

Retreats run three times a month until August at Can Pino where they cost from £650 per person, and until October at Ca Na Xica where they cost from £1600 per person.

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