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Shanti-Som-spa-sign-218x300Feeling out of sorts or off your game? This is where retreating really comes into its own, so we have reviewed a wide range of health and wellness retreats to help you find the best place to go for your needs.

Take a look at our reviews of destination spa retreats all over the world, many of which are luxurious wellness spas or medical spas with full-blown spa facilities and the attentions of experts such as naturopaths or a dedicated medical team with programmes for detox, weight loss, stress, sleep and other health issues.

We’ve also reviewed a selection of holistic hideaways where you can go to re-balance – places to stay which are open for most of the year and have a simple treatment room for holistic bodywork, and/or offer access to a hot tub or sauna. You can also check out our reviews of date-specific healing holidays that you can book onto as part of a group, many of which offer supreme comfort with your wellbeing.

You might also like to check out our reviews of Ayurveda retreats, specialist retreats that can help you embrace your pregnancy or recuperate after treatment for cancer, our reviews of dedicated detox retreats around the world, or raw food retreats and of healthy cooking retreats. If you can’t get away, you could book some proper therapy – check out our reviews of international therapists before you choose.

We all have times when we can’t sleep or feel like life is getting on top of us.  Some of us are also coping with chronic health concerns or conditions. Giving yourself a break at a health and wellness retreat or retreat is, for many people, the first step to recovery – a chance to step back and really focus on you – your needs, your issues, your health.

Happy Retreating.

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