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Here you’ll find our reviews of detox retreats all over the world. Read all about detoxing, then take a look at our reviews of dedicated detox retreats (some open all year round; many running on specific dates) as well as our reviews of other places to detox which offer detox programmes as part of a broader offer. We’ve also gathered together here our reviews of retreats that serve raw food and of healthy cooking retreats. Do we need to detox? Ideally yes, for with the best will in the world, it’s tough to keep pure and cleansed in our modern toxic world. Read More

We love detoxing for the way it makes us feel lighter and brighter, clear-headed and deliciously energised.  It’s not uncommon for chronic health problems to vanish too (detoxing is a superb way to kickstart a new healthy lifestyle).  Although a detox isn’t primarily intended for weight loss, we find we usually shed a few pounds on a juice fast or detoxing holiday – a welcome side effect.  It’s not just our bodies that detox either – our minds can become overloaded and toxic from our frantic, stressed, overworked lives and welcome the release you can get on a retreat by cleansing from the inside out.  A detox break allows us to pause, to breathe deep and learn fresh new habits – both physical and psychological. For more info, read our editor’s feature On Detoxing.

If a detox retreat is a gift you can give yourself – which one should you choose? Detoxing with other people at dedicated detox retreats can be a huge motivator as you’re all in the same boat.  Juice and raw-food fasts are great when combined with a winter sun detox package – detoxing is often a lot easier to deal, even pleasurable, where you’re in the sun, by the pool. Many healing retreats and luxury health spas also offer detox regimes as part of their general wellbeing programme too, with steams, massage and hydrotherapy on tap to boost the cleansing process – check out the other places to detox that we’ve reviewed. Many healing holidays also offer detoxing food and activities as part of their offer, and you might like to check out our reviews of healthy cooking retreats.

The good news is that, whichever you pick, you will be cosseted and cared for: some places even include treats like virgin daiquiris and scrumptious puddings.  So, whether you fancy a raw food break in Cornwall, a juice cleanse in Turkey, or ayurveda in Worcestershire, you should find a detox holiday to suit you here – use our honest reviews to pick the right one for you. For other ideas, do also take a look at our reviews of health and wellness retreats.

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