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Casa Paradis review | holistic hideaway, Ibiza, Spain

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Wellbeing, walking & life coaching in natural Ibiza

The Quick Read: Casa Paradis is a healthy B&B in the quiet north of Ibiza. You stay in a white-washed, simple studio in pretty gardens next to the home of relaxed and friendly British couple, Belinda and Toby Clarke. Use the place as a healthy base to explore the island, have treatments and go for local walks, or book onto a private one-to-one healing and coaching retreat with Belinda for something altogether deeper. Toby runs Walking Ibiza and offers anything from an hour’s guided walk to full on private day hikes, overnight trips and week-long treks. Belinda runs Ibiza Reiki – she’s an intuitive therapist who mixes reiki, crystal work and life coaching into an effective mix in one-off sessions, day retreats or longer breaks.
Budget: £
Belinda amethyst necklace

Belinda Clarke uses her amethyst necklace in her holistic treatments

Who it’s best for: This is a calming, supportive place to unwind that will suit both men and women travelling alone and looking for some affordable time out, as well as close couples (there’s room for a cot or small bed if you have a baby or small child too).

If you’re feeling fragile and in need of guidance and TLC, a one-to-one healing retreat with Belinda is just the ticket. If you’re into walking and getting to know Ibiza’s history and geography, Toby’s your man. The studio is in easy reach of beautiful beaches such as Benniras (10 minutes away) and San Miguel (15 minutes away), but you will need a car to explore.

Cliffside walking with Ibiza Walking

Don’t expect just hillside trips

What you can do: Go walking with Toby, have massage and holistic therapies with Belinda, drop in on yoga, Pilates and meditation classes with local teachers in the woodland space, swim in the pool and just hang out. Kayaking on a nearby beach can also be arranged.

Just a guided hour’s walk with Toby is enlightening, for he knows his island well – or you can also do half day hikes, overnight camping trips or join some of his group experiences. Toby also hosts an ad hoc Walking & Yoga Retreat at a luxury villa in the nearby hills with daily hikes, gentle yoga, healthy food, visits to local markets and time to relax and unwind.

If you’ve got something really bugging you and are in need of some serious de-stressing, you can also come for a one-to-one retreat with Belinda, an intuitive therapist who brings a broad toolbox of treatments to bear on each individual case including Reiki, life coaching, NLP, crystals, shamanic work and a generous commitment to helping people who need it. She’s easy to be around and explains everything in detail.

Bedroom at a Walking Ibiza homestay

The studio feels like a friend’s house and is suitable for one or a couple. Babies and small children are welcome.

Where you stay: Staying here is like staying at a friend’s house. In the grounds there’s a decent outdoor space for yoga and Pilates classes, a pretty garden filled with trees and flowers and a swimming pool too. The property is a relaxed, low-key villa, with chilled music playing in the background and friendly cats that make it an easy place to hang out. There are many different sitting areas outside in the sun and shade, by the pool or in the gardens, and inside, piles of books, little shrines and local art on the walls. Belinda’s large treatment room is inside the house – twinkling music and wafts of incense greet you as you enter, and her treatment table is large and sturdy.

ibiza reiki homestay terrace

The terrace you can use during your stay

You stay in the agreeable studio, which has a private entrance. It’s a clean, white, simply furnished space with a blue linoleum floor, a double bed and an ensuite bathroom. It’s ideal for one, and spacious enough for a couple sharing. Children are welcome – they can put in a toddler cot along side the bed. There’s deliberately no TV, but there is wifi, air con, a fridge, kettle, a table and chairs. A handy substantial dining table sits on the terrace just outside.

Caroline hangs out with her daughter (above) before heading out on her walk with Toby Clarke (top centre)

Caroline hangs out with her daughter (above) before heading out on her walk with Toby Clarke (top centre)

How was it for us: I loved Ibiza, and have been back three times, doing at least one walk with Toby each time and always finding him an easygoing, interesting companion. Ibiza’s landscape is so varied and uplifting, from its bright green pine forests and fields of wheat and almond trees to its rocky coastal paths with views across exquisite seas – and Toby helped me discover hidden paths, quiet beaches and the best private places to enjoy a sunrise or sunset I wouldn’t have otherwise found, all whilst ambling alongside his friendly dog Cosmo and at the pace I chose (see our top hero pic for me, the dog and those views!)

There’s a little foraging along the way – did you know pine needle tea is great for energy? – and Toby’s hot on his history, from what the Phoenicians did here when they arrived in 654bc to which billionaire owns the awesome villa we’d just spotted sitting in seclusion on a neighbouring hill. (The Pirate Tower we found on one of his walks was something special – originally built in Phoenician times, it’s a particularly cool place to do a little singing or chanting because the sound reverberates around you in a hugely becalming way).

To find out about our experience of Belinda’s holistic treatments, read A Word from the King on Casa Paradis.

What we took home: A desire to return to Ibiza on a regular basis.

Would we go back: For sure. Especially as it’s so affordable.

Toby Clarke Ibiza Walking

Gentle and mellow Toby Clarke

People watch: Both Belinda and Toby have an impressive wealth of life experience that makes them interesting, but also very relaxed, company.

Gentle and mellow, Toby Clarke was born on Ibiza and knows his island well. A few years ago he walked the entire coastline of the island with just €1 to spend as an experiment, and now, as well as his guided walks, he offers community walks which anyone can join if they give a suggested donation of €10 per person.

Belinda Clarke - from vicar's daughter to punk to therapist

Belinda Clarke – from vicar’s daughter to punk to single mother to holistic therapist

Belinda grew up a vicar’s daughter and at 14, by then a punk, decided to get pregnant, and went on to have two daughters. She studied Law at university whilst being a single parent and working part time, before pursuing a career in youth justice for 10 years. Then she left it all behind to explore the world of alternative therapies. She teaches Reiki, and has published a memoir, Chasing Happiness. 

Healthy food at Casa Paradis, Ibiza

Healthy home cooked meals can be arranged

Food watch: Breakfast is usually fruit, muesli, toast and herbal tea. If you would like healthy home cooked meals, these can be arranged in advance. There’s also a handy local shop-cum-bar-cum-restaurant 500 metres walk for supplies. The nearest small town is only a few minutes drive away.

crown What’s queenly: This is an affordable place run by two people packed with integrity on a beautiful island.

What’s lowly: The are no luxury frills in the studio – it’s simple relaxation.

Insider tip: If you want to get very close to nature, Toby runs an 11 day walk around the island – go in April if you want to stay in hotels along the way, or in October if you want to camp.

The pool at Casa Paradis retreat in Ibiza

The swimming pool at Casa Paradis

Price going solo: B&B costs from €90 (£70) per night for the room. Treatments cost from €70 (£55) per hour. Private guided walks cost from €170 (£130) per person per day. Transfers can be arranged in advance and are €50 one way to/from the airport. A 6 night one-to-one Essence Retreat with Belinda costs from €1495 (£1200) per person including meals, transfers, treatments and classes.

Price with a companion: As above, but only €45 (£35) per person per night for the room based on two sharing.

Value for money: Exceptionally good – especially on an ever-popular island filled with holistic therapists where treatment costs can be sky-high.

Reviewed by Caroline Sylger Jones

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A view from Ibiza Walking

Toby Clarke of Walking Ibiza can show you a different side of Ibiza

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