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Amy Rachelle review
Holistic nutrition retreats in Bali & online courses

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The Quick Read: Fancy learning how to look after yourself, or helping others do the same? Naturopath Amy Rachelle runs day retreats at her lovely home, 10 minutes from the centre of Ubud in Bali – you can also take a 10 day or online course in holistic nutrition and detoxing. Amy also runs occasional workshops throughout the year in New York and Australia.


Guests on the raw food and detox workshop

Guests on the raw food and detox workshop

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Our experience: Nutritionist Belinda Mann writes ‘I went on a one day detox & raw food retreat at Amy’s home in Ubud, Bali. We began the day sipping on green juice served in champagne glasses and mingling – all the other guests were eager to start making raw food diet part of their daily lifestyle. There were 10 of us in total, aged about 30-50, hailing from Europe, USA and Australia with a few locals from Bali. I felt comfy with Amy and her sunny way of teaching from the start.

During the course of the day we learnt especially about how repressed emotions in the body can be just as toxic as physical ones. Amy taught us how to use mediation as a tool to understand our emotions better, to acknowledge them and to let them go – this was especially useful to me, for I always find the emotional side of detoxing a struggle and find a lot of anger comes up.

We also learnt how to eliminate toxins practically, with demonstrations on how to undertake enemas at home, how to dry skin brush, use ear candles, and test our own PH. Interestingly, Amy said waking up hungry is a sign the body is acidic and craving nutrients to help us complete our digestion from the day before. A more acidic pH can also correlate with moods such as irritability and anger. The focus throughout was on learning how to listen to our bodies. Amy reminded us that disease is there to wake us up, to be aware, to gain consciousness of how we are living our lives and how we treat our bodies.

Learning in Amy Rachell's lovely Ubud home

Learning in Amy Rachell’s lovely Ubud home

After discussing the theory behind raw food and detoxing we then moved on to the kitchen. Most of Amy’s tasty recipes could be made just using a blender (although a food processor or Vitamix is ideal). Amy showed us how to make a range of detox drinks such as alkalising lemonades, blended soups and treats such as mocha mint latté (see below). We got recipes to take home, but were also encouraged to be adventurous in the kitchen and to come up with our own taste sensations.

I’m someone who has been passionate about detoxing for a long time, but I still felt I learnt a lot from Amy’s experiences. She has a real skill for bringing people together and educating in a way that empowers. She’s also a whole lot of fun.’

Amy Rachelle in passionate teaching mode

Amy Rachelle in passionate teaching mode

More about Amy: Amy Rachelle is a trained naturopath with special interest in detoxification. In her early 30’s her NYC party lifestyle began to take its toll – she had three ectopic pregnancies and two serious bouts of Candida over a ten year period before curing herself with what she now teaches. A visit to a Vipassana meditation centre was the turning point she needed to bring herself back to health through raw food and detox. Even though her party days are over, it doesn’t mean Amy has forgotten how to have fun. Her party spirit shines through her teaching and she uses music and singing in her lessons.

More about the retreats: Come to Amy’s house for a full day retreat – it starts with yoga and meditation in the morning, followed by a group sharing circle to help you connect to each other throughout the day. Next you’ll have a class on raw food and detoxing to give you a comprehensive understanding of the hows and whys, followed by some demo and cooking time in the well-equipped studio kitchen. Take a break to lounge in a hammock, have a sauna, get a massage, go into town, or connect with other fellow students. To end the day, you’ll either listen to an expert speaker or go on an adventure (tour a professional raw kitchen, visit a herb and vegetable garden or immerse yourself in local culture at a water purification temple). Everything is optional, so you can pick and choose what you’d like to do.

More about the online courses on holistic nutrition: Through Amy’s online courses you can learn how to help yourself and others using whole foods, raw food, detoxification, healthy lifestyle habits and personal transformation. Study the technicality – and corresponding spirituality – of the human anatomy, as a blueprint for physical and mental health. Start your own coaching business, take for your own personal growth, learn how to teach classes and even how to run a retreat. Online courses cost from (£1165) $1800 USD.
Amy Rachelle's welcoming studio

Naturopath Amy Rachelle’s welcoming studio

Tastiest tips: One of Amy’s top tips is using hemp seeds in her latte recipes to creating a delicious “foam” similar to frothed milk – the perfect finishing touch.

We also rather liked her Mocha Mint Latte:

2 cups of peppermint tea

2 tablespoons raw cacao powder

2 tablespoons of hemp seeds

Stevia to taste (about 6 drops)

5 drops of peppermint oil

Pinch of cinnamon

Blend well. Froth will form from the hemp seeds – as you poor from the blender spoon this on top and sprinkle with cinnamon.

A tasty raw pie

A tasty raw desert

crownWhat’s queenly: Amy is one for attention to detail. The recipes, for example, are presented as gifts to unwrap, and she takes time out during the course to have some one on one time with everybody.

What’s lowly: Although there is a lot of information in the one day course, you will leave hungry to know more.

Costs: The 1 day retreat costs £79 (approx $120). It includes a full day of classes with interactive food prep instruction + how to cleanse & why, all meals, a manual and support.

You can also do a 10 day programme for £1,182 (approx $1,800) (plus a food contribution fee of £162 (approx $250). It includes daily classes, 8:30-5:30, with yoga & meditation, raw food & detox theory and  interactive food prep instruction for raw & cleansing, meals for for 10 days, a manual, use of Amy’s sauna and ongoing support.

Online courses cost from £1165 (approx $1800). They include a 10 day raw food & detox certification course, an online programme to become coach certified and ongoing support.

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