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A word from the king on surfing with Tropicsurf in Sri Lanka

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Paddling out with Tropicsurf on Sri Lanka

Surfing as a focus for a holiday or travel is the perfect catalyst for getting what I want from my time away from the office – I reconnect with my inner self and with the planet. Paddling out, wherever I am, I can’t but be rapidly and deeply connected with my surf memories – all the glorious moments as well as all the challenging and hair-raising ones. It is also a fast track to connecting with the locality.

Which is why I try to surf wherever I go – often booking sessions with experts to ensure I find the safest and best beaches in unfamiliar areas. Most recently, in Sri Lanka, while staying at the Anantara Peace Haven near Tangalle with my family, from where I take a guided session with Tropicsurf, a provider of ‘luxury surf’ based at selected locations around the world.

Tom catches some waves

And here I am, paddling in the rip, following my Tropicsurf guide, Harrison Biden, and my newest buddy, Doug, who hails from Singapore. In no time we are taking turns to catch two to three-foot waves breaking gently but powerfully on an empty beach, the Sri Lankan sun firing up from the horizon into the sky, thankfully now behind a thin veil of cloud.

Later a local guide joins the line up, along with another european visitor. The sea temperature is 24 degrees. It doesn’t get better than this. Although perhaps it does if I could make it to one of the other idyllic Tropicsurf resorts. They choose locations where they can offer waves for a variety of abilities in exquisite surroundings, and their ethos is very much surf for all – experts can taste more challenging waves, and the entire family or non-surfer can share the fun times. What’s not to like?

By Tom Sylger Jones

Tom’s surf session cost 95 US dollars for a 3 hour round trip, plus 50 US dollars for board hire. Find out more at You can read our review of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle here.

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